MP3Shell - Manage a database of your MP3 collection

Currently availlable version

Current version is 1.17. Note that commands and interface may change in future releases.


I refuse to uselessly repeat myself. No repeating myself, so please read the documentation as extracted from the program itself.


You may either download the full distribution or, if you happen not to have tar and gzip handy, you can also get all individual files in the package.
Aside from the full distribution that includes the source code, you can download a stand-alone executable with no database bound to it. In order to use it, you need the configuration file from the full distribution.
As with the stand-alone executable, you need the full distribution's configuration file for the stand-alone executable example. This file differs from the normal stand-alone in that it has an example database of two ordinary CDs bound into it. It is not meant for normal use, but as an example of how you may package your own database with the program if you own a license of perlapp.

mp3shell_1_17.tar.gz - full distribution (23 kBytes)
This file contains:

mp3shell_1_17.exe - stand-alone executable (913 kBytes)
standalone_example_1_17.tar.gz - stand-alone example with packaged database (874 kBytes)

Copyright 2003 Steffen Mueller.