[...] Before I built a wall I'd ask to know
What I was walling in or walling out,
And to whom I was like to give offence. [...]

- Robert Frost, 1914. Excerpt from „Mending Walls”

As you can probably tell by the URL, you found the homepage of Yet Another Steffen Müller.

There is a number of mostly unrelated things being hosted here. Chances are you are looking for one of them and stumbled across the domain. Please excuse the mixed use of English and German.

my ...


I'm a physicist turned software developer working for in beautiful Amsterdam.

The following section primarily contains information about programming I have done and projects I am currently pursuing. This includes contract work as well as code that has been extracted from material used in my studies of physics.

Perl talks

Perl applications

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Perl modules/distributions

I maintain over a hundred distributions of Perl modules and scripts which are all available from the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network short CPAN. According to Simon Wistow's CPAN Leaderboard, that makes me the author with the sixth most distributions over all.

The distributions used to be listed here, but I moved the lengthy list of distributions to its own page.

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random old stuff

This section contains material related to my studies of physics at the University of Karlsruhe. (This section is German at the moment.)
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Computer generated graphics

Solar system simulations
These simulations were created with the Simulation::Particle Perl module mentioned above. Evolutionary algorithm visualization
The following animations show the evolution of a matrix of formulas of numbers and operators approaching pi. The formulas are "mutated" according to certain rules. A close approximation of pi is honoured by spreading the corresponding formula to neighbouring cells. The lighter the cell, the better the fitness.
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If you read the information scattered in the previous sections, you will have gathered quite a bit about me. If I find the need or inclination to present myself any more detailed in the future, I will do so at this location.

I occasionally muse on various things Perl at my or journals.

The one thing I'll mention here is my GPG Public Key. In case you feel the urge to send me encrypted mail or verify the validity of my CPAN distributions.
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